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Thanksgiving Cheers from Silver Bell Chiropractic in Eagan

Dr. Ryan of Silver Bell Chiropractic in Eagan, Minnesota standing in front of office entrance with his wife, Hannah.
Dr. Ryan of Silver Bell Chiropractic in Eagan, Minnesota with his wife, Hannah.

It’s one of the most anticipated days in November - Thanksgiving! Some prefer to take to the football field to have their annual Thanksgiving game while others collaborate in the kitchen to remake famous family recipes. No matter what your tradition is, Silver Bell Chiropractic in Eagan wants to encourage you to have the most enjoyable and relaxing Thanksgiving possible!

Smile and Laugh

It’s amazing what serotonin and dopamine can do for patients experiencing chronic pain. Remember to spend time with your loved ones this holiday season and enjoy the company your guests bring. Laughing with your friends and family may help increase pain tolerance and relieve stress. Prepare your cheesiest jokes (and potatoes) for the holiday! When you have a collection of your best jokes, bring them into Silver Bell and try them out on Dr. Ryan.

Stay Active

Whether it’s a friendly game of football or a post-dinner walk around the block, try to enjoy some time outside! The fresh air and intentional movement will be a nice break from the hustle and bustle of dinner conversations and kitchen chaos. Take some time out of your day to joyfully move with your family.

Steady Your Breathing

The holidays are meant to be a relaxing time with family and friends, but sometimes it can be more stressful than we want it to be. Are there enough side dishes? Are there last minute RSVPs? Did the weather put a damper on your travel plans? Remember to stay grounded and take deep breaths. One of Dr. Ryan’s favorite exercises he likes to teach his patients at Silver Bell Chiropractic in Eagan is square breathing. Follow this pattern: Breathe in four seconds - Hold breath for four seconds - Breathe out for four seconds - Hold breath for four seconds.

Savor the Moment

Thanksgiving is known for the large amounts of delicious food. Grab your comfiest sweatshirt and stretchiest pants to enjoy a day eating nostalgic holiday food. Some of the key ingredients found in popular Thanksgiving recipes come with great health benefits including pumpkin, cranberries, sweet potatoes, pecans, and green beans. Dr. Ryan’s personal favorite is green bean casserole!

Silver Bell Chiropractic is looking forward to seeing you for your appointment after Thanksgiving. Remember to Smile and Laugh, Stay Active, Steady Your Breathing, and Savor the Moment with your loved ones during the holiday season. Need to schedule an appointment? Visit so we can see you after the long weekend!

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