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Active Release Technique and your Eagan Chiropractor

When it comes to managing pain, improving mobility, and enhancing overall physical well-being, chiropractic care has long been a popular choice for many individuals. Within the realm of chiropractic treatments, one technique that has gained significant attention is Active Release Technique (ART). In this blog, we will explore the benefits of incorporating ART into chiropractic care and how it can contribute to a more holistic approach to wellness.

Active Release Technique, also known as ART, is a specialized manual therapy that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue injuries and conditions. Developed by Dr. P. Michael Leahy, ART aims to address muscle adhesions, scar tissue, and fascial restrictions that can cause pain, limited range of motion, and dysfunction within the body. Dr. Ryan Calton of Silver Bell Chiropractic is certified in this technique and uses this method with many current patients.

How Does ART Work?

ART involves a combination of precisely directed tension and specific patient movements. Chiropractors who are trained in ART use their hands to apply tension to the affected soft tissues while simultaneously guiding the patient through specific movements. This process helps to break up adhesions, improve tissue flexibility, and restore proper function.

Pain Relief: ART has been shown to be highly effective in relieving various types of pain, including neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, and more. By targeting and treating the root cause of the pain, which often lies within the soft tissues, ART can provide lasting relief and help patients avoid the need for invasive procedures or long-term medication use.

Improved Mobility and Flexibility: Muscle adhesions and scar tissue can restrict joint mobility and limit range of motion. By releasing these restrictions, ART helps restore proper joint function, allowing for improved flexibility and enhanced movement. This can be particularly beneficial for athletes, individuals with repetitive strain injuries, or those recovering from surgery.

Enhanced Sports Performance: ART is a favored technique among athletes and sports enthusiasts due to its ability to address specific soft tissue injuries and imbalances that may hinder performance. By promoting optimal tissue health, ART helps athletes recover from injuries faster, improve their athletic performance, and reduce the risk of future injuries.

Non-Invasive Approach: One of the key advantages of ART is that it is a non-invasive treatment option. Unlike surgeries or injections, ART does not involve any incisions or the use of medications. This makes it a safe and gentle alternative for individuals seeking natural healing methods without the associated risks and recovery periods of invasive procedures.

Complementary to Chiropractic Care: ART seamlessly complements other chiropractic techniques, such as spinal adjustments. By addressing soft tissue restrictions, ART prepares the body for adjustments, making them more effective and longer-lasting. Combining both modalities allows chiropractors to provide a more comprehensive approach to patient care.

Active Release Technique (ART) offers a range of benefits when incorporated into chiropractic care. From relieving pain and enhancing mobility to improving sports performance and offering a non-invasive treatment option, ART provides a valuable tool in the hands of skilled chiropractors. By utilizing this specialized manual therapy, chiropractors can help their patients achieve optimal health and well-being through a holistic approach that targets both the skeletal and soft tissue systems. Whether you are an athlete seeking to optimize your performance or an individual seeking relief from chronic pain, ART, in combination with chiropractic care, can be a transformative solution on your path to wellness. Inquire about ART at your next appointment with Dr. Ryan at Silver Bell Chiropractic.

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